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7 Ideas To Design Your Own Garden Shed Plans

7 Ideas To Design Your Own Garden Shed Plans


7 Ideas To Design Your Own Garden Shed Plans

by Dana Goldberg

What do you do when none of the pre-designed shed models seen in local stores fit your ideal of a great small building? You should never have to settle on something that doesn't fit well with your home or serve all of your needs. This is why finding garden shed plans and considering the option of building your own small building is so helpful.

A shed will become a part of your home for years into the future, good or bad. Why settle for something that was designed for the mass market when you can take the creativity in your own hands and design one that is exactly what you need?

The best way to start designing your new building is to look online for free plans. Some may be available for a small fee, but start by browsing through those that are offered for free to see the different elements presented. This will give you a good idea of features you may want to include.

Often, a free plan will give step by step directions, right down to the type of wood to use and which tools you will need.

Consider the following things that you should consider while picking a garden shed plan.

Windows: how much sunlight are you going to need in the shed? How many will you need, and where should they be placed?

Workbench Options: Will you need one of these? More than one? Where are they best placed, according once again to your purposes.

Roof: Look at different roofing options and determine which is most complimentary to your home.

Doors: Double or single doors? Maybe doors on both ends drive-thru style?

Special Features: you may want to include a variety of special features related to your specific use of this shed. Many people go with small enclosed areas that keep gardening tools out of sight and yet someone else might want shelves or hanging elements.

Type: do you need a shed that will stand on its own, or one that will hook onto a larger garage or car port? Or, maybe you need just a very small tool shed or a converted chicken coop?

Overall Size: You need to measure the area it is to be located so you do not get one that is too large or small.

If you can find a plan online free or for a small fee that really fits your needs, then that is great. If not, then you may need to get creative and take different features from different garden shed plans to create your own design.

About the Author:
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