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7 Ideas to Building Your Own Publishing Empire!

7 Ideas to Building Your Own Publishing Empire!


7 Ideas to Building Your Own Publishing Empire!

by Karen Moehr

Developing a small publishing empire is easier than it has ever been. If you like to write (or even if you don't), you can do this!

1. Publish your book. The grandfather of publishing. You can be a published author or self-publish. If you really want to publish, you can write it, self-publish and start selling it within just a month (you must be committed to the work, but it can happen!)

2. Begin a blog. Get a good theme that people like to read about and be sure to post often. Make it fun an conversational. Be sure it's easy to navigate.

Update it often. When publishing a book, you finish the publishing process and it's done and you can sell it. With a blog you have the opportunity to publish daily. Use you blog to sell and promote all of the your publishing items.

3. Website. It used to be websites were just tools to promote your platform or sell a product. But well-designed and useful websites are updated often and have content that is as useful as a blog. Keep your site fresh and interesting and it will be a useful item to help your business grow.

4. Write and sell ebooks. This is a popular marketing tool and successfully used by many marketers. They really do work. If you have a unique skillset or topic, you can transfer this info into an ebook easily. Write and "publish" your ebooks in .pdf format and people can download it from your site. Promote your ebooks in your blog.

5. Start an ezine. An ezine is essentially an online newsletter that is emailed out to people. They are super easy to start and publish. Using one of the programs out there (such as constantcontact.com) you can develop an attractive newsletter, manage your lists (subscribers), etc. Ezines should revolve around your central them, but you can include other fun tidbits and info.

6. Booklets. These are little mini books that contain up to about 30 pages of content. They are not as expansive as books or even ebooks, but they are cheaper, too and easier to produce. You can develop an ebooklet quickly and post it for sale on your website. Also, market it in your blog and ezine. Booklets can be introductions to your books and ebooks to give readers sampling of what you offer.

7. Develop your social networking. Get a Facebook page. Get on Twitter and tweet. Get on LinkedIn. There are numerous social networking sites out there and the key isn't to be involved in everything. That (in my opinion) just takes away from your key focus and scatters your energy. Pick two or three that you feel work for you and stay current on each. Promote all your offerings (website, books, ebooks, booklets, blogs, ezines, etc.) on your social networking sites.

Do a little of each to have a well-rounded publishing empire to call your own!

About the Author:
Growing a business doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming if you know what to do and how to do it! Get your business successful faster. Success in 30 days!

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