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7 Chile Destinations You Should Not Miss

7 Chile Destinations You Should Not Miss


7 Chile Destinations You Should Not Miss

by Juan Millalonco

The Republic of Chile is located in southern America, being one of the most interesting tourist destinations on the Globe. The interest visitors have in Chile starts with the fact that the country offers access both to the Chilean Andes and the Pacific Ocean. In reality, there are numerous tourist hot spots in Chile and we are going to explore the main attractions.

1. Each year, more than 2 million people arrive in Chile wishing to explore the country, discovering breathtaking sceneries, incredible wildlife and rich culture. One of the most fascinating destinations is San Pedro de Atacama, a place where the Inca culture and architecture can be thoroughly admired. The Chilean town is without doubt a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, interested in ceramic pottery crafts, the archeological museum and the ruins of Incas. In San Pedro de Atacama one can also admire the splendid view of the Licancabur volcano and take part in unique activities like sand boarding and gazing at the stars. The tourist is enchanted by the geyser fields, the immense salt surface found in the desert and the lagoons where pink flamingos have their habitat.

2. Perhaps one of the most notable tourist attractions Chile offers is the Easter Island. We have all heard about Easter Island and the famous statues left by an ancient culture, known as Moai. The Rapanui people lived many years ago on the island and there are very few facts known about the statues they've left. The island also offers a unique view of extinct volcanoes. Tourists arrive interested to observe the Moai statues, the remains of stone walls and stone houses pertaining to cultures long lost. The Easter Island also has some of the most impressive petroglyphs (carving or drawings on rocks), a genuine tradition for wood carving and a very colorful annual festival, Tapati.

3. Chile is famous for a lot of places, including Putre, the capital of the Parinacota province and the home of an amazing chain of volcanoes. Tourists arrive to Putre to discover the natural beauties and unique wildlife of Lauca National Park, found at 3500 m altitude. The Lake District is a wonderful blend between scenery and luxury. There are turquoise lakes, snow capped volcanoes and thermal spas for tourists to enjoy. Pucon is king when it comes to outdoor adventures, including volcano climbing and rifting. Puerto Varas offers spectacular views of two volcanoes, Osorno and Calbuco.

4, 5, 6 and 7. If you are going to Chile, do not hesitate to visit places like Elqui Valley, the Earth's magnetic center, the island of Chiloe with its rich culture and mythology, plus the National Park known as Torres del Paine. This is the place where mountains, glaciers and lakes come together to show the most splendid mix of nature. The ice field is one-of-a-kind, the entire landscape being completed by curious vegetation and protected wildlife like the Chilean huemul. It goes without saying that Torres del Paine is a popular hiking destination!

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