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6 Important Keys That Will Help You Succeed In The Online Home Business World Before You Even Start

6 Important Keys That Will Help You Succeed In The Online Home Business World Before You Even Start


6 Important Keys That Will Help You Succeed In The Online Home Business World Before You Even Start

by Tracey Dornelles

There are many people in the online industry that call themselves experts just to get you to sign up under them and hand over your money. But before commit to anything in this industry read through these key things to prepare you for success.

#1 MINDSET is KEY! The only people I like to work with are those who have the right attitude and a SUCCESSFUL mindset. I don't care what kind of background they have, but if they have a real DESIRE and MINDSET to SUCCEED then they are the kind of people I want to be around. So look for a mentor who is DRIVEN and also wants to HELP OTHERS.

#2 You need to have a worthwhile DESIRE. Many of us want lots of money or a flashy sports car, but whats your REAL desire? Something that lights a FIRE inside of you! Do you want to spend more time with your kids? Do you want to climb a mountain with your best friend? Do you want to start a charity? Do you want to support your family and see them living in a safe environment and enjoying holidays together? Do you want to save for your retirement? Do you want to write a book? You need to know what this is and write it down somewhere you can see it everyday.

#3 Can you be PASSIONATE about their PRODUCTS? There is no point trying to market vitamins when the only vitamin you take is Vitamin C - and that's just when you have a cold! Choose a company with products you believe in. I love Personal Development, so of course the company I chose markets all this kind of stuff. It makes it really easy to talk to people because I believe in it.

#4 Whats the MONEY like? Its important to REALLY analyze how much you're going to get paid and for how much work. I remember joining a multi-level-marketing company a long time ago and you had to do SSSSSSSOOOOOO much work to get paid hardly anything. It was really crappy! I think the first month was too small even to bother cashing the cheque. I was told if I work hard for 3-5 years then I would get to spend more time with my family " hahahahahhaha!!!!!! Obviously I quit. There are many more lucrative opportunities out there. Some with much better compensation plans than others, so decide carefully.

#5 How much TRAINING will you get and also how much is needed. Some companies make you pay extra, which I think is crappy! It's really in the companies best interest that they train you and keep you supported. You're more likely to stick around and succeed.

#6 Are you COACHABLE? And ... Are you DISCIPLINED? If you want a job thn go and get a typing job online, but most of the "Work From Home" business opportunities that offer the big dollars are run just like a business, so if you want to succeed you have to treat it like one. Don't stress I had never run my own business before, but if you're willing to learn then sign up with your chosen company and soak it all up like a sponge!

Overall there's lots of money to be made online and that's why so many people are attracted to the industry. The people who take it seriously and want to make serious money will absolutely love it. For many of you it's a whole new world and while it maybe challenging and a bit daunting there's nothing better than working from home and spending more time with the people who really matter in your life.

If you think that all this doesn't really fit your personality then this industry is probably not for you and I wish you success in whatever you eventually choose to do! But if all these things resonate with you then I hope this information helps you in finding the right opportunity and Good Luck!

About the Author:
Tracey Dornelles is an online marketer and founder of New Life Home Business - a company designed to help people create their own successful home business in the personal development industry. If you want to spend more time doing the things you love then consider following your lifepath and start creating a better life.

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