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50 Cent Has Fans Eagerly Awaiting

50 Cent Has Fans Eagerly Awaiting


50 Cent Has Fans Eagerly Awaiting

by Patrick Daniels

With his unique style, 50 Cent is notably one of the best rap artists of all times. After delaying the release of his latest album, Before I Self Destruct, since Christmas of 2008, fans have been anxiously awaiting this fourth and possibly best album to date.

50 Cent has been criticized for his work being to similar to others within the genre, but to his true fans his unique style is more of a social commentary on the world. His music gets fans excited and is meant to evoke feelings. Although some say that his lyrics go past the point he is trying to make, others feel that it is an expression of freedom of speech and that the underlying message is what is important.

The bottom line is that the music, even if you must listen to the G rated versions is by far some of the best out there today. The much anticipated release of his newest album, Before I Self Destruct, has been put off for the past several months, and each time the scheduled release date gets close they put it off again. It is currently expected for release on June 30, 2009, however fans are at this point a little skeptical about even this date as it approaches.

November 2008 was the original release date for 50 Cent's fourth album. It was postponed, as he wanted to get his signals in order and out to a public forum. There is speculation, however, that the album was postponed because of the pending album releases by Eminem and Dr. Dre that had been progressively leaking to the press.

Whether the delays were for legitimate reasons or for a publicity stunt, we will never know. What we do know is that fans are eagerly awaiting the June 30th release with high hopes that 50 Cent does not postpone the date again.

About the Author:
The new 50 cent CD is slotted to release later in June. With an original release date of November 2008, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of this album. You can pre order your copy of the new 50 CENT Before I Self Destruct album by going to www.cdwow.com.

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