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5 Wonderful Facts About Pablo Picasso

5 Wonderful Facts About Pablo Picasso


5 Wonderful Facts About Pablo Picasso

by David Haskins

He was one of the world's most influential artists, the first true artist-celebrity to change how painting and sculpture were perceived.

In his personal life he was also a fundamental force, leaving lovers and women and friends all over the place as he forged the quintessential giant-ego artist image we all know.

Here are 5 crucial things you likely haven't heard about Pablo Picasso.

#5: His name is gigantic.

If you say his name, it sounds great. In English or Spanish, it's a brilliant name -- the alliterated "P"s really work well as a memorable title. Funny thing, then, that his real name was 23 damn words long.

#4: A ladies' man he was, and then some.

Picasso was a womanizer -- this, everyone knows. But the extent of his philandering, and his taste for women several decades younger than him, is more extraordinary than you might realize. In fact, his last four wives/lovers (besides all the rest on the side) were consistently in their 20s, even as he aged into his 70s. There's no denying he was a charmer, old Pablo was.

#3: He stole the Mona Lisa?

For some reason, one of Picasso's Parisian friends fingered him in a 1911 heist that saw Leonardo Da Vinci's painting go missing. Although neither of them were guilty, Picasso did spend a bit of time in questioning about the issue.

#2: He could paint 'traditionally' without a problem.

Although lots of critics liked to claim that Picasso's cubed figures were simply a result of his not having the talent to paint them normally, any quick check at his museum in Barcelona will prove to you that he could draft with the best of them.

#1: His last words? Yep, about having a drink.

While you might assume he held forth on some profound topic, or said something rather beautiful to his then-wife, Picasso's last words were (on first glance) slightly more pedestrian. "Drink to me, drink to my health -- you know I cannot drink anymore" is how they went. On further study, though, his final utterance is actually quite profound.

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