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5 Tips On Making Sure Your Promotional Merchandise Does Not Cost You A Prison Sentence

5 Tips On Making Sure Your Promotional Merchandise Does Not Cost You A Prison Sentence


5 Tips On Making Sure Your Promotional Merchandise Does Not Cost You A Prison Sentence

by Ciaran Murphy

Over the past twenty years promotional merchandise and safety testing has come very much to the fore. In this article you will find 5 great tips on how to make sure your promotional items meet all the necessary legal requirements for the target audience.

1.Get to know your local testing laboratory

Take the trouble to visit your nearest safety testing lab, it's well worth the effort and will smooth the path for future work. Almost every product in the world can be tested to a universal standard so if it's the case that this lab are not used to testing promotional merchandise it does not matter. By meeting them and discussing the sort of promotional items you supply they will have a clearer understanding of what is required.

2. Investigate which specific tests will be needed for each product.

Your target audience will very much determine which tests your particular promotional items need. If you take as an example leather conference folders or even promotional bottled water. With the folders it might be the case that some of the glues used in the binding process have ingredients that could cause cancer or skin complaints. In the case of the promotional bottled water the bottle would need to be tested in addition to the water itself which could contain some impurities.

3. Discover as much as you can about all the entire testing process

It is much better to try and iron out any potential design problems in a new product whilst it is on the drawing board. A knowledge of what tests may be required will save you lots of time and money later. If you were to consider making a new electrical device such as an MP3 Player or even a new sort of flash drive. These would have to have entirely different tests compared to the first two examples above. Another sector entirely like promotional clothing would have different tests again. Take promotional jackets, embroidered polo shirts or even printed T-shirts, in fact any sort of corporate clothing, all these items would be subjected to tests to make sure the colour dyes did not run.

4. Find out about labels for products

Another important aspect of safety testing concerns the application of warning labels. Each and every promotional gift you give away must be labelled so that they are safe for the audience they are aimed at. Almost every piece of promotional merchandise is required to be labelled. If in the case of very small items such as promotional badges if the label won't fit on the badge then it has to go on the bag it is supplied in.

5. Go on specific training courses

Never take risks with safety testing, someone could die and you could be locked up for a long time if you take short cuts. Check out what courses are available by going on-line. Your local trading standards agency will almost certainly be able to advise you. Other than that you can ask the labs themselves if they run courses or talk to the manufacturers of other promotional products.

About the Author:
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