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5 Simple Steps For Choosing Muscle Building Programs

5 Simple Steps For Choosing Muscle Building Programs


5 Simple Steps for Choosing Muscle Building Programs

by Mark Dale

Many people who've followed muscle building programs have failed to make good muscle gains because they've misunderstood what it takes to succeed. In order to stay motivated it's very important to see regular growth and to see the changes in the mirror.

The reason so many people fail is because they follow the wrong muscle building program, and by that I mean a program that is not suitable for their individual needs. The result of following the wrong program can be anything to poor muscle gains to actually losing muscle, or even getting a serious injury through overtraining.

If you are looking for a muscle building program that can be customised for your goals, body type, and size then I suggest you think about the following 5 main points when choosing your next program:

Training Time

A muscle building workout routine should be short, intense and hard work. Some workout programs have you doing 1 or even 2 hours in the gym. That's only useful if you want to burn away fat AND muscle and take you down the road to a serious injury. Spending a long time in the gym does not equate to bigger muscles! Your workout program should last no more than 45 minutes.

Workout Variety

Workout routines must be changed every 8 to 12 weeks. You body is very clever and remembers the exercises you did last week, which is why they get easier over time. By changing your routine you are literally shocking your muscles into further growth.

Take Rest Days

You need plenty of rest for your body to recover from your workouts and for your muscle growth. Muscles grow when you sleep, eat and rest and NOT when you train. The best muscle building programs will include rest days and will have you training the same muscle groups more than twice a week.

Make Sure You Do the Exercises Correctly

Exercise with proper form. It is very important that you don't just stack on the weights and throw them around! Proper form and execution of exercises is vital to your muscle building success and to prevent injury. Look out for muscle programs that show you how to perform exercises correctly.

Diet - The Most Essential Part!

Diet is the most important part, but it must be tailored to your body size and composition. A good muscle building program must provide diet plans for every individual. This means diet plans that cover meals from 2000 calories a day right up to 6000 calories a day. The best diet plans will also cater for vegetarians or those who can't eat certain foods.

So there you have it, 5 simple but very important tips to stimulating fast muscle growth. Make sure you bear these points in mind when looking for a suitable muscle building program.

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