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5 Salsa Fests Around The World

5 Salsa Fests Around The World


5 Salsa Fests Around The World

by Secret Salsera

Salsa is easily one of the most popular social dances to ever grace this planet. Its appeal comes from the ability to bring different people together, shattering physical boundaries along the way with its liberal movements and fiery hot steps.

Experts in the arts often claim that dancing is the highest art -for it allows people the expression of their bodies, the truest unadulterated liberal expression that a person can make.

5 of the salsa festivals held around the world

Let's have a brief look at some of these events:

The 6th annual Las Vegas Salsa Congress - What's Sin City without Salsa? The culprit responsible for this year's Las Vegas Congress in none other than the Sin City Salseros, in cooperation with Albert Torres Productions, responsible for promoting different salsa congresses and festivals around the world. This congress' confirmed instructors are coveted salsa couple Tito & Tamara from Puerto Rico, LA's Rogelio Moreno, Philadelphia's Joe Figueroa, and many more. It will be held at the Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada -prepare for more than just dancing because there's tons of other stuff to do in Las Vegas.

The 7th annual Canada Salsa Congress - Salsa dancing has even reached the frigid Great White North. The congress boasts international performers: Adrian and Anita from Spain, TNT Productions from Puerto Rico, Hacha y Machete from Boston, and many more. Warm up to the band, Willy Torres' New York City Salsa Project live and in concert during the festival. The event will be held at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel.

The 5th Acapulco Salsa Congress - Brought to us by Victor Burgos and Gaby Bernal, and again by Albert Torres Productions, what better place to practice the hottest dance on Earth than in the romance of an Acapulco sunset? This year's congress will be held at the Great Hall Cabaret in the Grand Hotel Acapulco. Take advantage of this opportunity to visit the beautiful beaches of Acapulco.

The Philadelphia Salsafest - This festival will be held at the Ramada Philadelphia Airport. Prepare for passionate performances as Philadelphia is one of USA's cultural centers. Catch performers: Al Espinoza (supposedly showcasing a new partner and routine), Philly's own Calle Luna and Calle Sol, and many more.

International Salsa Festival Hamburg, Germany: July 17 - July 19, 2009. The event will be held at the Congress Center Hamburg, one of Europe's biggest and most modern congresses. Their stage will be graced by: Matanza from Amsterdam, Boris & Jane from St. Petersburg, the dance group Salsa Body Factory from Muchen, and many others.

All of these festivals and congresses will be jam-packed with salseros and salseras. There are likely to be workshops all day and parties till the early morning. Pace yourself and try not to be overwhelmed by the activities and festivities. Catch as much rest and sleep as you can -you'll soon find out that hours of everyday dancing can and will take its toll soon. Above all, dance your heart out.

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