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5 Reasons Online French For Children Courses Beat School

5 Reasons Online French For Children Courses Beat School


5 Reasons Online French For Children Courses Beat School

by Damian Jackson

France is the number 1 tourist destination for North Americans and the number 3 for Europeans. This fact means that kids who can speak French have an enormous career advantage over their peers. Online French for children courses are in many ways better than being taught at school for the following reasons:

1. Most online French for children courses have downloadable audio modules that your child can upload to their mp3 player and listen to as often as he or she like.

This would provide your child with practical immersion. It is a well known fact that children best learn new languages when they are immersed in it. They could listen to the content when walking to school, in the car or playing video games.

2. Learning is easy because it is fun! There are games that can be played which the children really enjoy! They can match the French words to the picture.

3. Some online French courses contain modules that use the four key educational elements. These elements are reading, writing, speaking and listening! Teaching at school tends to focus on just reading and writing which is why children become bored and feel less engaged.

Kids learn far easier when all four elements are used because a larger area of the brain is utilized. In addition what has been learned is more easily remembered.

4. Children can get practical experience online that they don't tend to get at school. This tends to be by use of a forum.

Your child can make new friends online, open chat windows and communicate in French with other kids their own age and level. If you have a head set they can also speak to them. This provides much needed immersion as well as practical experience and the speaking and listening key educational elements.

5. A one off purchase of an online French for children course will provide unlimited opportunity for your children to learn French. When you hire a private tutor for example you will be looking to pay around $40 per hour for their services. A good online course will set you back around $100. That's a no brainer!

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