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5 Pointers On How To Win Your Woman

5 Pointers On How To Win Your Woman


5 Pointers On How To Win Your Woman

by Gabriel Lozen

Many people believe that to win your woman, it has to be love at first sight, or at least there was an initial spark before everything fell into their proper places. However, mind you, this is not a correct assessment, there are numerous stories about how they started out as "enemies" and then ended up as an inseparable couple and eternal partners. In fact, these types of relationships even last longer than those who started as "friends."

What are some pointers that would help you win your woman?

1.Patience is the key.

If you want to obtain something, you must keep at it until you are able to do so. You have not failed unless you stopped trying. Let us create a scenario: You are so in love with this lovely woman but she never gave you a backward glance, do not fret; even the famous lover Cyrano de Bergerac had his disappointments. The secret is to keep wooing her.

2.Little things mean a lot.

This has been proven true and is still being proven as true. Most women are romantic creatures. Women should be wooed constantly. You should learn how to do this. You can send her flowers during an ordinary day. It does not require a special holiday to be able to buy one. Write her a short love poem, text her simple one-liners like "I love you." There are several inexpensive ways to win your woman.

3.Love her family

When you have the blessings of her family, you have your foot inside the door, so to speak. Most women still look for advice from their elders. If you have good interpersonal relationship with her family, they will surely put in a word or two for you.

4.Don't mess around

If you are serious with this woman, do not mess around. A sure way to get the boot is to flirt around with other girls. The rationale is that: If you can do it while still wooing her, then you could do it too while you are finally with her. Logic is illogical, so behave. Flirting is an ego booster, but not when you want to win your woman.


A marriage proposal is one definite action that would show your sincerity and love to your woman, that you are ready to take responsibility for your love, that you indeed love her enough to marry her.

So, would you like to win your woman? Follow the simple pointers above observe the results.

About the Author:
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