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5 Motivation-boosting Nootropics That Will Keep You On The Arm Toning Bandwagon

5 Motivation-boosting Nootropics That Will Keep You On The Arm Toning Bandwagon


5 Motivation-Boosting Nootropics That Will Keep You On The Arm Toning Bandwagon

by Katherine Crawford M.S.

Most women do not succeed in their arm toning mission because of dips in motivation. Not because they aren't exercising or eating right. Thus, every woman should focus on creating a motivational stronghold first and foremost.

Unfortunately, we live in a culture that is obsessed with one-hit wonders. We are all looking for the magic arm toning pill. When in reality, we should be focusing on how to stay motivated over the long run.

Doing this the old fashioned way, with psychology, can get tedious. And there are going to be times when the stresses of life will overcome us. So today I am going to discuss 5 brain boosting foods that will spike your motivation on demand. Arm toning will never be easier!

1. Lung ching green tea. Also known as dragon well green tea, this stuff is amazing. And it's far superior to bagged green tea. You will get an immediate and strong surge in mental focus after having a hefty portion of loose leaf.

2. Unprocessed cocoa powder. You know that feel good feeling you get when eating chocolate? When multiply that by 20 and that's what natural cocoa will do for you. The trick here is to make sure it's organic and non-alkalized. Don't be fooled into buying all the sugar and fat-laden varieties.

3. Ceylon cinnamon. Also known as true cinnamon, it's far superior to the cinnamon you are used to consuming. Ceylon can be identified by its cigar look since its rolls are not hollow. Combining a stick of Ceylon with loose leaf green tea will pack a powerful punch. It will also increase insulin sensitivity which translates into more energy going to your brain.

4. Organic yerba mate. You have to be careful with this one because it's very potent. But safe nonetheless. Another loose leaf tea, yerba mate has the potential to keep you alert and happy for up to 8 hours. Let me repeat that, yerba mate can give you a mental boost for up to 8 hours. But you have to start with low doses and asses tolerance.

5. Water! I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but bear with me. Women are more dehydrated than ever because of caffeine. You see, our bodies build up a tolerance to its stimulatory effects, but don't build up a tolerance to its diuretic effects. So every time you increase the size of that latte or have another cup of extra dark to get that same energy jolt back, you are dehydrating yourself more and more. And dehydration causes massive mental fogginess which will leave you very cranky.

If more women starting focusing on their minds instead of the next wonder pill, more women would achieve successful arm toning. So make sure you take the above nootropics any time you feel the motivation beginning to flag. Stick with it, and you will get sexy arms. I promise.

About the Author:
Author Katherine Crawford, a Harvard fitness expert and recent arm toning refugee, instructs women on how to accelerate arm toning. Learn how to get sexy arms by exploring her website about flabby arms now!

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