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5 Little Facts That Will Create Awesome Parties

5 Little Facts That Will Create Awesome Parties


5 Little Facts That Will Create Awesome Parties

by Kathy Baldwin

Some people know just how to create the perfect party, either an elegant dinner party with clear cut crystal and fine linens or just a casual backyard pool party. They seem to come complete with a manual of successful dinner party recipes, tips, tools and techniques that others just can't seem to find. They create the ideal party that everyone just remembers.

For some it just doesnt come as easy.

What exactly is involved in creating an awesome party? Everything begins with the you, the host or hostess. You are the key that makes it all come together. If you feel that you are lacking some of the necessary skills or techniques that take the ordinary and make it extraordinary, then the following suggestions may just be what you need.

1. What is the occasion for your party? If you are celebrating a holiday or a specific event, you know exactly how much time you have to plan for it. But you can also create a party thats practically spontaneous with just a little bit of know-how. Decide how much time you have to plan for it, and set your schedule.

3. Planning is the critical element in your party to ensure that you do not go over budget financially or with your time. The planning element also includes your menu and recipe selection. It is critical that you effectively choose the right recipes, with the correct ingredients to allow your party to be a success. Your effective planning also includes creating a shopping list that maximizes your time instead of wasting it. A party can be a huge use of your time or can easily be managed by effective planning. Your party plan will make or break your schedule, budget and overall outcome of your party so do not overlook this critical component.

3. Another critical component to hosting an awesome party is your decision on the theme of the party. A theme can extend from your invitations to decoration, centerpieces choice and your menu selection. Choosing the right menu can set the right tone and feel for your party. A theme can be subtle where is it is only the undertone of the party or can be over the top including guest interaction with costumes and acting, like in the case of a murder mystery party. There are so many wonderful ideas and choices available when choosing your party theme.

4. Do you need to or even should you include alcoholic beverages in your party planning? This can be an area of your party planning that might involve controversy. If you choose to include a cocktail, your choice must also include the glassware and party style along with your drink choice. Prepare to include a food element whenever providing alcohol. Make sure that you also consider providing a non alcoholic beverage for those who choose not to imbibe. Depending on the size of your party, you may consider hiring a dedicated bartender to oversee the serving of drinks.

5. When you are planning a more casual style party you will want to keep all of your party components casual as well. Instead of having a hired bartender to serve drinks you may wish to consider using coolers filled with ice to store your beer, wine or pop for everyone to serve themselves. There are also party rental companies available everywhere to assist with additional needed items like barbecues, tents, serving ware or even a dance floor. Ask around for recommendations or look up party suppliers in your local phone book.

As an effective host it is critical that you provide more than just food and location you must also prepare for the entertainment of your party with the use of conversation starters and party games. A great host is one who can set the stage of great conversation and build rapport with all the guests who are invited. Make sure that you can mingle and move around within the party ensuring that everyone is having a good time.

Hosting an awesome party and creating an event that will be the stuff of memories is done by utilizing all your hosting skills. This is the time to pull out all of your best stuff and enjoy yourself as well.

Even if you were not born into royalty and learned hosting skills as a child, it is possible to learn every one of these skills and be a great hostess! Find the resources that you need to make all your time and effort worth it.

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