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5 Great Moments in Golf

5 Great Moments in Golf


5 Great Moments in Golf

by Denise I Smithson

Which are your favorite 5 great moments in golf? There are as many answers as there are fans of the sport and you can find any number of different picks online, on DVD and VCR format, in magazines and in many other places. There are a lot of memorable golf moments and there are a lot of different ways to relive them or experience them for the first time.

There are many moments that are considered to be the 5 great moments in golf. Depending on the golfer they may have their own point of view of what moments were the best. They may be funny follies and accidental things that happened on the course that made people laugh really hard. They may also be on the other side of the spectrum and be amazing shots of a hole in one straight into the hole. Everyone has their own idea of what a great moment is but there are so many of them everywhere you will have to decide for yourself.

The Internet is the best place to seek out 5 great moments in golf. It is convenient because you can sit in the comfort of your own home at your computer and search for videos, articles, and other golf resources. The Internet is probably the best option for finding great moments because you can get comments from other people and find out what they think about them too.

There are plenty of VCR and DVD format videos which have hundreds of moments you won't want to miss and footage of the greats of golf new and old. From Sam Snead to Tiger Woods, all of the most famous names are featured. You can rent or buy these videos at a local video store or over the internet and start looking for 5 great moments in golf which are among your favorites.

Your own local library will also have a lot of resources to help you find the best 5 great moments in golf. You can look up golfers by name and find books, news clippings and other information on the high points of their careers.

Golf magazines do an excellent job of covering happenings and great moments. You can find 5 great moments in golf almost every weekend on the tour if you are catching up on the latest news of the week via magazines. The best thing that you can do is read up on what is going on. Then you can get the best events of each week and follow your favorite players and moments.

When you are looking for 5 great moments in golf you may find them in many different ways which include magazines, the library, the Internet, and even on video. There are hundreds of great moments to choose from. It is usually best to determine if you think great moments are of amazing shots or of accidental follies that make you laugh.

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