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5 Approaches to Learning Excel

5 Approaches to Learning Excel


5 Approaches to Learning Excel

by Dylan Stewart

Learning how to become a power excel user takes time and years of practice. Don't expect to understand everything at the onset as it can be very frustrating. The learning curve and the language used takes time to understand, never mind the program interface itself. You should dedicate at least an hour everyday at work or at home to learn something about excel. Here are some approaches you can take to learn faster and become more productive.

1) Templates are useful for getting to know what excel can offer as well as how calculations and formulas work. Once you have the template you can change it to suit your needs. This way you learn how to use excel and gain practice in adapting it.

2) Buy Excel Books - there are some great books on the subject that you can work through at your own pace.

3) There is plently of information on the web in forums and blogs on the subject. If you ever have a problem on how to do something in excel, then searching the web is likely to be your first approach, especially when looking for free templates.

4) Solve a problem - this is one of the best ways to learn. Identify a problem with data or something you do not know how to do and then go and research it. You might want to use a template to get you started. There might be something at your work that you could argue would benefit from being turned into a spreadsheet. Volunteer the task and then use the other methods.

5) Microsoft Excel Expert - prepare to become a microsoft expert for excel. You have to be really good in order to pass as the questions themselves can be tricky. It forces you to learn the least used tools. For example, scenario planning and input tables are ones I would avoid all the time. They are great tools if you can master them.

Merging as many of the 5 approaches, outlined in the article above, will help you learn excel. To help you remember, take a note of what you have learned in detailed steps, because over time you will forget.

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