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4 Ways To Overcome Sugar Addiction-for Maximum Arm Toning

4 Ways To Overcome Sugar Addiction-for Maximum Arm Toning


4 Ways To Overcome Sugar Addiction-For Maximum Arm Toning

by Katherine Crawford M.S.

Sugar addiction exists, trust me. And it's in your best interest to avoid it at all costs if you want to maximize your arm toning. Beating ANY addiction is no walk in the park, but you can do it.

What data points to the existence of sugar addictions? First, rodents given massive amounts of sugar demonstrate the same brain changes that someone would present when addicted to opiates. Second, naxolone, a drug used to combat overdoses, has the ability to temporarily blunt a sugar addiction. And finally, sugar is routinely used in hospitals as an effective pain killer for infants during surgery and other procedures.

So let me ask you the million dollar question, do you think you are addicted to sugar? There are two effective ways for determining this. First, is your emotional state dependent on your sugar intake. Second, are you coming up with complex and detailed reasons as to why you are NOT addicted as you read this paragraph? Be brutally honest with yourself

And it's critical that you beat this thing if you want to maximize your arm toning. Why? Because sugar blocks the release of arm fat burning hormones into your body. Sad, but true. So today I am going to discuss 4 tools that can help you overcome sugar addiction:

1. Start using sugar substitutes. Although they won't give you an energy high, sugar substitutes will definitely appease your sweet tooth. And they don't taste like they used to. Remember that strange aftertaste diet sodas used to have? Stevia, an all natural herbal substitute, is my top choice.

2. Loose leaf yerba mate taragui. More popular than coffee in south America, yerba mate is the most powerful craving killer I have ever found. Just make sure you keep on eating even though you aren't hungry. This will prevent you from bingeing once the effect wears off. And be patient because it takes about an hour for the tea to take full effect.

3. Working out with weights: Weight lifting is the best way to increase your appetite. And increasing your appetite is a great way to eat healthy. How so? Because the increase is so large that your palate recalibrates to liking foods that you would otherwise find bland. You will no longer need that hyper-taste that sugar gives foods.

4. Cognitive therapy: hands down the best method I've found for modifying emotional behaviors, cognitive therapy is a form of psychological treatment that has been proven time and again by peer reviewed research. The best do-it-yourself resource? Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by David Burns M.D. Unlike most self-help books and motivational speakers, this book will show you how to change your emotions for the long haul.

Sugar is everywhere and unfortunately, we are biologically programmed to seek it out from the day we are born. However, if you want to accelerate your arm toning, you need to reduce your intake as much as possible. And if you are addicted, this won't be easy. But it's possible, and easier than ever before with all the new tools at your disposal. So get to it and good luck!

About the Author:
Author Katherine Crawford, a Harvard exercise expert and former flabby arms refugee, instructs women on how to drastically accelerate arm toning. Discover how to get sexy arms by visiting her website about flabby arms now!

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