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4 Tips To Get Ready For Attending A Salsa Festival

4 Tips To Get Ready For Attending A Salsa Festival


4 Tips To Get Ready For Attending A Salsa Festival

by Secret Salsera

Salsa dancing has a very discrete dance style. It has a pattern step style encircling six steps that are danced over eight counts in a musical beat. It is the combination of a lot of cultural genres including Afro-Caribbean and Latin sounds.

"Salsa was an unmistakable product of the Pan-Caribbean experience: salsa musicians were mostly Puerto Rican, its rhythms were principally Cuban, and its social context was primarily the Latino barrios of New York City." - Deborah Pacini Hernandez.

Part of being a real salsera or salsero is visiting a salsa congress. This allows you to get in touch with the different other dance enthusiasts and their cultures from around the globe. Knowing the dance community is just as important as knowing the techniques. Dancing is a social act, it was made as a venue for people to communicate emotions they cannot otherwise express in mere words.

Whatever the exact origin of the dance maybe, what's unquestionable is its power to evoke and release desires within a salsera or a salsero. It requires too much of a dancer, to submit all will and hide nothing from the rhythm.

Get your passes in advance -These events are almost always packed to the brim, so getting a full pass right before the event itself might be difficult. Check online, metro-based congresses like the San Francisco Salsa Congress are likely to sell tickets early may be a months before the actual congress. Not only will this be convenient, but more importantly, you can avail of a discount of up to 50% if you're lucky.

Before everything else, where do you want to visit? -These events are held all over the world. Find the nearest congress venue for convenience, or take the event as a chance to visit the places you've always wanted to visit.

Make a budget -Don't overspend, but don't be too stingy either. This trip is above all, about fun, so go ahead and spend if you can afford it. Otherwise, keep yourself on a short leash, financially.

Secure those full passes in advance: A full pass will allow you to attend all the workshops during the day and all the events and parties during the night. Since these events are often filled to capacity, it's definitely a good idea to book passes months before the actual event. That way, not only will you probably get a discount, you'll save yourself the hassle of going overseas for a festival and finding out there are no more slots left.

Pace yourself: You're in a salsa festival for varied reasons, there's the learning to be had, the parties to conquer, the cultures to absorb, the people to meet, and everything else that comes with all that. Sleep when you can, hours of dancing will take its toll. Stick to your budget so you can still go home later in the trip. Remember that above all, you're there to enjoy the festivities and revel in the culture. Pace yourself and absorb what you can without burning out.

Take notes -no, not literally, unless you want to. Besides having fun, this will be a very educational experience. You'll get to meet Salsa greats from all over the world. You'll learn dozens from the available day workshops. Soak in the culture and don't be afraid to try new things.

The dance is about fun, socializing, and sharing cultures. Never be afraid to try and learn new things. Stay safe and good luck!

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