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4 Tips On How To Take Your Arm Toning Exercises To The Next Level

4 Tips On How To Take Your Arm Toning Exercises To The Next Level


4 Tips On How To Take Your Arm Toning Exercises To The Next Level

by Katherine Crawford M.S.

Have you been doing your arm toning exercises the average way? If so, you are most likely getting average results. And who wants that?

If you are not using advanced techniques every so often, your results will come to a plateau. Period. You have to prevent this from happening if you ever want to get sexy arms.

Unfortunately, the female body is very smart, extremely smart. It adapts to any type of stimulus (including exercise) with lightening speed.

So today I am going to show you how to manipulate your arm toning exercises so that your body doesn't adapt:

1. Negativity: The negative portion of an exercise movement is when the muscle is NOT contracting. Have someone help you do the positive portion of the movement and then do all the work during the negative. Don't do these too often, however, because you won't be able to recover.

2. Drop-setting. This technique involves doing a series of sets for the same exercise without ANY rest. Each successive set is done with a lighter weight and more repetitions. These are brutal, but extremely effective. So just do them! Your arm toning exercises will become that much more effective.

3. Doing forced repetitions. Forced repetitions require a workout partner. Basically, you do as many repetitions as you can by yourself, then you have a partner help you do a couple more. This allows you to go above and beyond what you would be able to do alone.

4. Using a 5/5 tempo or cadence. If you are doing a biceps curl, for instance, you would spend 5 seconds bringing the barbell up and another 5 seconds bringing it down. Why is this so effective? Because you are putting your arm muscles under constant tension. It will burn like nothing else, but it will also get you faster results like nothing else.

So are you ready for the challenge? Are you ready to start doing arm toning exercises the right way? If you stay in your comfort zone you'll get mediocre results FOREVER. I can guarantee this. But if you push yourself hard every single workout, the sexy arms will come. I promise.

About the Author:
Katherine Crawford, a Harvard exercise expert and recent flabby arms sufferer, is an expert on arm toning exercises. Learn how to get sexy and toned arms now by exploring her website on flabby arms.

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