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4 Tips For Home Telephone Wiring Jobs

4 Tips For Home Telephone Wiring Jobs


4 Tips For Home Telephone Wiring Jobs

by Bradly Thompson

Despite the fact that cell phones continue to proliferate, telephone service providers are receiving a substantial number of requests for new home lines. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, a lot of parents want to provide their kids with an individual phone connection. Second, a new line might be needed for a modem, fax machine, alarm, or a small home business. Whatever the case, there may come a time in which you'll need to install the cable required for a new telephone line. Here are four tips to help make the wiring job a little easier.

#1 - It Only Takes Two

In most cases, a new residential telephone connection only requires two wires. A lot of homeowners avoid doing their own installation because they look inside the junction box by the house and see a rainbow of colors. To be sure, it's daunting. However, two wires are enough to power a modem, telephone, or fax.

#2 - Use A 4-Conductor Cable (At Least)

The cable that you use for the wiring job should be at least a 4-conductor (though using a 6-conductor is even better). At first, given that you only need two wires for your new connection, you might think you're wasting the other two. In fact, a lot of homeowners decide later that they would like to install an additional phone line. So, plan ahead. The other two wires will be available when you need them. Plus, installing a 4-conductor cable is no more difficult than installing a 2-conductor.

#3 - Go Through The Walls

Admittedly, laying the cable is easier along the baseboard than going through the wall, assuming we're not wiring between floors. In fact, the technicians from the telephone company used to staple it in order to keep it in place along the baseboard. The problem is, the wires within the phone cable are a bit delicate. It's unlikely they'll be damaged, but it definitely happens. If you're up to the task, consider running the wires through the walls. It's not as difficult as it sounds.

#4 - Test The Phone Connection

The last step is to test the connection. In the past, you might have seen the phone company technicians using a small device to do this. You can use alligator clips to conduct virtually the same test. Attach two clips onto the ends of the two wires you're installing near the termination block. Use leads that are at least a foot long for each clip. Also, don't let the clips make contact with each other or they'll likely short the line.

If you need to install another residential phone line, don't be wary of the job. It's easier than most people think. Whether you need a new connection for a telephone, fax, or even a home alarm system, use the above tips to make the job easier.

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