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4 Things To Do To Promote Your eBay Store

4 Things To Do To Promote Your eBay Store


4 Things To Do To Promote Your eBay Store

by Dylan Stewart

There are many methods for promoting your ebay store. In this article i will explain 4 that you can do. Most of these methods are free or of little cost. The benefits could easily be an increase in traffic and sales.

1) Ebay About Me Page - The About Me page is a great way to promote your store. Every time someone on eBay sees your eBay ID (whether you bid on something, leave feedback, or buy an item) there will be an About Me logo next to it and some people will click this logo. Despite this, it really is one of the most under utilised tools on eBay. If you do not yet have an eBay About Me page yet then get one NOW. Use it to write about your eBay store and tell people why they should buy from you.

2) Store RSS Feed - When you access the home page of an eBay store you may notice a small RSS box in the bottom left corner. If you click on this RSS box then you will be shown your store's RSS feed. You can get some free software that submits your RSS feeds to the main RSS directories by doing a search on Google.

3) Blogging - Blogging is an excellent way to get traffic to your eBay store. Quite a few websites offer free blogs which you can sign up for and then link back to your eBay store. Post in it regularly to gain exposure and your blog should soon become a great source of traffic.

4) Search Engines - you get an actual URL with your eBay store. This URL gets listed in the eBay stores directory and search engines which means extra traffic for your eBay store. What's more eBay allows you to pick your search engine keywords so you can be listed under the categories that you feel are most appropriate to your eBay store. Getting listed in the search engines is a great way to bring in customers from outside of eBay and maximise your sales potential.

So there you have it, some easy and free ways to promote your ebay business online using low cost internet marketing methods.

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