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4 Secrets To World Of Warcraft Gold Earning

4 Secrets To World Of Warcraft Gold Earning


4 Secrets to World of Warcraft Gold Earning

by Seth Symonds

Gold Secret Number 1 - Skinning

Skinning has proven time and time again to be a top quality money maker for both beginners and veterans. A heap of mobs are ready to be skinned in almost every area in WoW.

Scales, Leather and Hides are in constant high demand across every server. Both factions need these raw materials making them highly sought after.

Gold Secret Number 2 - Alchemy

Alchemy is the most profitable of all the trade professions. It has a sustainable, long term yield potential far greater than that of Leatherworking, Tailoring, Blacksmithing and Engineering. While you will be able to make some nice items using these professions, long term Alchemy will always come out on top.

The main reason why Alchemy is far more lucrative than the other trades mentioned above comes down to the necessity of potions, being able to heal damage, bring back mana, and raise ability scores. High tech armor and weapons are extremely useful but most players who have these will still require potions etc.

Gold Secret Number 3 - Cooking

If you want to make good sums of gold through cooking, its not that difficult. All you need to do is make high quality buffing foods and sell them on.

The other great thing about cooking is that the products created by cooking are consumed which means they are always needed.

Gold Secret Number 4 - Limited Supply Items

Limited Supply items such as recipes can be sold for a fantastic profit in the Auction House. You can make pretty good money by buying them and reselling them.

This technique should not be scoffed at - I have used it many times and got massive returns, sometimes in excess of 500%!

About the Author:
Seth Symonds has been playing WoW for over 4 years. To find out the techniques WoW Masters use to make huge amounts of Gold in WoW, read Seth's revealing Warcraft Millionaire Review. To access more WoW tips and tricks, visit http://www.secrets-of-wow.com.

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