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4 Best Energy Boosters

4 Best Energy Boosters


4 Best Energy Boosters

by Curtis Ludlow

The demand for energy has heightened in today's stressful and hectic environment. Eight out of ten Americans experience low energy levels on a regular basis, making them less efficient and effective. Aside from overexertion, the classic causes of lack of energy include poor food choices, pollution and lack of exercise.

It's time to put a stop to our state of exhaustion. Take a break and sign up for a fitness boot camp. Below is an outline on how fitness boot camps and better food choices will help you increase energy levels the natural way.


Feeling lack of energy is relative to one's caffeine intake since it causes energy bursts. It puts undue stress on the adrenal gland, which may result to long-term health complications. It may also cause a person to suffer restlessness and insomnia and experience lack of energy during the day. Instead, drink more water to keep the body hydrated. You may also want to consider replacing your regular coffee ritual with green tea.

A great energy booster and antioxident is green tea. Green tea and enough water will help relieve your body of toxins and maintain your fluid intake.


Stop living a sedentary lifestyle. Boost your physical activity and exercise. A boot camp is fun and will improve your results. Your metabolism will get a jump start if you exercise first thing in the morning.


Improve your diet. This is a good time to start adding a variety of healthier foods to your plate. Fitness boot camps take health and wellness diets very seriously. Whenever you eat, be sure to include some of the noted super foods such as organic tomatoes, oats, wild salmon, broccoli, spinach, berries, pomegranate, nuts and garlic.


There are some supplements that can naturally enhance your energy level. Getting enough Coenzyme Q10, L-carnitine and other essential amino acids is important in combating fatigue and in fortifying general endurance. Getting enough vitamins A, C, E and B-10 complex vitamins is important in strengthening the body's defense against free radicals, which usually robs energy.

Aside from helping you increase your energy and improve your overall bodily functions, fitness boot camps have quite a reputation for weight loss. Of the available solutions to weight loss, joining and participating in a fitness boot camp could be the wisest and healthiest solution to effectively losing 10 to 20 pounds. Not only will it teach you how to maintain health, it will train you well in bringing home everything you have learned about health and wellness. And that is one happy way of achieving your goal weight.

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