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311 Music - A Music Review

311 Music - A Music Review


311 Music - A Music Review

by Steve Stevenson

311 has had their fair share of ups and downs. Before they entered the music scene, the band has already been through some tough experiences like being on the verge of poverty and switching band members. But despite all that, they were able to keep their focus on their music.

their albums will satisfy every type of music lover because the songs are alternative, funky, reggae, heavy metal, and even hip-hop. Because of their extensive tours in and out of the country, they were able to promote their songs well.

Their first album, Music, was released in 1993. Despite being released more than a decade ago, it can still command attention from fans all over. Its single Do You Right received fair airplay and reached number 27 on the Billboard Modern Rock Charts. But despite this, the album did not do very well when it comes to sales.

This is where one can be confused with identifying a successful song, or album for that matter. Usually, we only say a song or record is successful when it is topping the charts and selling like pancakes. When an album reaches a gold or platinum status, then it is considered a success, or when the record brings nods and recognition from different award giving bodies.

Success of a song or record is relative. It doesn't have to always be at the top of the charts to be truly considered successful. Personally, it doesn't matter if a record rules the airwaves or not, it's the quality of the songs. A perfect example is 311's Music.

This album is a compilation of all their earlier LPs. Songs in this album such as Do You Right, Feels So Good, and Fat Chance have been widely popular. These songs are amazing, and so is the album as a whole. These songs are played widely in the band's shows and almost always bring the house down.

When you listen to the album, you will notice a mix of relaxing tunes and upbeat, loud songs that will definitely make you groove and even bang your head a bit. Nix Hex can really make some great loud music. The songs album will definitely not disappoint. You don't have to be the rock-type of person to appreciate what 311 has to offer. Their playlist will really impress you. The band was able to combine excellent tunes to great lyrics. Chad Sexton will leave you in awe with his percussion skills while Tim Mahoney plays his guitar like no one can. And of course, SA Martinez will groove you with his rhymes.

In summary, a record doesn't have to rule the airwaves or sell millions of copies to be considered successful. As long as your songs have great quality and people love hearing it, you can call it a success. Just like 311's Music, such things don't matter. It is a great record, something you can play for months in your CD player. There is nothing else to say.

About the Author:
311 music is music that you can jam to at any time or in any place. They have harder rock music all the way to laid back smooth music. Find out more about 311 the band, today!

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