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3 Things Your Gardener Doesn't Want You To Know

3 Things Your Gardener Doesn't Want You To Know


3 Things Your Gardener Doesn't Want You To Know

by Riche Goldmann

Watering Is Very Important If you want to keep your yard looking good, you have to keep it watered well. Some cities, states, or even certain parts of the country to do not receive ample amounts of rainfall to keep a lawn well watered and moisturized. In addition, there may be seasons over a period of time where little or no rain occurs in an area. This is when you must jump in and do what Mother Nature is not doing and turn on your sprinklers to water your lawn. The following are some tips that should help you when doing this:

1. Keep an eye out for the color of your lawn and garden area. A good sign of drought would be if your grass loses its rich, green color and turns into the color of straw.

2. Watering of your lawn should only occur at one of two particular times in a day: you can choose to water you lawn early in the morning before the sun comes up (maybe around 5 a.m.) or after the sun has already begun to set (maybe around 9 p.m.).

3. You should water your lawn at least once a week and at least two times during a drought.

4. Try not to drown your grass. While you can kill your grass by not watering it, you can also kill it by over watering it. To avoid doing this, measure the amount of water that you are sprinkling over your lawn by using either a rain gauge or by using a tuna can or plastic bowl. Then just measure the amount of water in the bowl. Your lawn only needs between 1 and 1.5 inches of water a week.

The Importance of Fertilization and Weed Control In order to keep your lawn and garden healthy you should properly fertilize and weed it. Most fertilization takes place in the spring when the grass is new. This will promote healthy growth. You want to pick out fertilizers with a combination of nitrogen phosphates and potash.

Although spring time is best for fertilizing your lawn and garden, you can also fertilize once in the summer to help maintain its health. Try to choose a fertilizer with weed control during this time.

Aerate Your Lawn On a regular basis it is important that you aerate your lawn. But what exactly is an aerator? Well, it is a tool that will turns the soil in your lawn so that it creates holes which allow the roots of your grass alone with the soil to get enough air and water. It also helps earthworms to get in to your grass, move around and do their work.

You should also take advantage of using your aerator during the fall and spring when the soil is damp. If you use it in the soil just before planting any seeds, you will ensure optimal growth of your plants. If you use it on a regular basis, your lawn will be beautiful.

These are just three tips that will keep your lawn and garden healthy and beautiful and also keep the lawn and garden person away.

About the Author:
Riche Goldmann is a professional at home gardener. He has a green thumb and enjoys spending all of his free time making his garden majestic. He almost always uses an aerator to help him and purchases them from the Tractor Supply Company. He has also found lots of other cool lawn and garden supplies at Tractor Supply .

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