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3 Smart Ways To Establish An International Relationship

3 Smart Ways To Establish An International Relationship


3 Smart Ways To Establish An International Relationship

by Art Saborio

As hard as it can to believe, with a little work you can find an international relationship.

You may wonder how to go about starting an international relationship? There are many safe and dependable ways to start a relationship with a woman from another country.

Now it is time to decide whether or not you want to use a dependable Internet dating site. One of my favs is "Elena's models". The reason I like this site, is they are dedicated to providing a "NO" scammer dating environment. What does that mean to you? It means no worries about meeting someone that is not real. Every woman on this site has been checked to ensure they are 100% real. It is important that you use a dating website that is reputable or run the chance of losing your money or having your identity stolen.

Another good way of beginning your international relationship is through friends. I think this is the best way to meet someone. You will get a good idea of what the girl is like before talking to her. If you work in a large company, you have a 100% chance of meeting someone that is from another country. Even in smaller towns there is still a chance.

She or he will suggest a family or friends back home that would love to meet a man from the west. This is a great way to see what this girl will look like without the foreign dating site's model photos, fancy clothes and perfect hair. You will see how this girl looks like in her normal life. Also it is nice to see and hear about this person from someone that knows them best.

If you are not sure how to approach a company employee from another culture, the easiest way is to ask where they are from. Follow that up with questions about how they like working for the company. Finally let them know you work close by and invite them out to lunch. Lunch creates a very friendly environment and opens them up to further discussions about friends and family back home. Over the next few days invite that person out to lunch again. The second lunch meeting is the right time to start talking about friends and family from their home country. Keep it casual for a while. Wait a few weeks before getting really personal and asking about the single status of the females back home.

Now the third way to meet someone aboard is a little harder. It is through a catalog correspondence service. Before the Internet, if you wanted to meet someone from overseas you had to use catalogs.

Catalogs still exist, but they are not as easy to find as a Internet dating website. The one huge drawback about using these catalogs is that it is near to impossible to know if the woman you would like to write to is real or not. This is not the safest way to find love.

In the end the easiest and fast way to a relationship internationally is through a friend. The 2nd way is through the Internet and finally the most unsafe way would be to use a catalog service.

About the Author:
Art Saborio is a Fiance K1 Visa Consultant. His free article series, "A Quick-Start 7 Step Guide to Guaranteeing Your Foreign Fiance a Visa" is current available at http://www.k1visaexperts.com/k1success.html While there, take a clancy at his very eye opening must read articles on International Dating and Marriage

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