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3 Facts Of Car Spray Painting Using Aerosol Spray Paints

3 Facts Of Car Spray Painting Using Aerosol Spray Paints


3 Facts Of Car Spray Painting Using Aerosol Spray Paints

by Will Yonder

So you merely finished putting that very first coat of paint on that car that you've been mending and it looks good. You didn't realize that you had to the talent to spray paint a car. The only one problem is you've run out of time and can't get the second coat on. Well that is actually not going to be a problem, the cars in a well-kept area so you can get back at it next week. You just stick the caps on the spray cans and stick them on the shelf for the time you are gone.

A week goes by and you are ready to go ahead and spray paint the car, or at least get the second coat on. Youre all set up you've pulled the cans of spray paint off the shelf, and popped the lid on one of them. Then it doesnt seem to matter how hard you press the nozzle of the spray can nothing comes out. You remember that you didnt use it and it is almost full. Then you realise it must be clogged. No problem you merely get a thin piece of wire and try to clean it out.

After a couple of tries you realise it just isnt going to clear, so you end up throwing an almost full can of rather expensive spray paint away. Then you remember what a buddy told you about spray paints. When you are finished using them you must turn the can upside down and spray the paint for few seconds. This can be done on a piece of cardboard. It'll clear all the unnecessary spray out of the nozzle so in future you go to use it, it wont be blocked. A good lesson learned.

You did not realise the troubles that can occur when you went to spray paint a car, but gratefully youve a few cans of paint left so you could get on with it. You give the cans a couple of shakes and ultimately out comes the paint. There's one big problem though, the color does not look quite the same. The label says it's the similar color but what in the world is the problem here? Actually you most likely didnt shake well so the colour was not correctly mixed. You must shake the can quickly you would hear the mixer ball inside the can rattle. Continue to shake for at least 3 to 4 minutes. Also at regular intervals while you're spraying give the can a hard shake also. This will ensure that your paint stays well-mixed and would evenly distribute the colour when you apply it. Keep in mind you must be as methodical when you go to spray paint a car, as you would a fine piece of furniture.

Some other very significant point to remember is that to spray paint a car is a large job, and most likely you would be a little tired afterwards. Clean up is really fundamental and that means making sure that you cleaned the nozzle of the spray as we discussed. Some other very essential thing to keep in mind is to keep your paints safely. Do not leave them in places where they could dry or freeze.

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