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3 Day Tuna Diet - Sham Or Shazaam?

3 Day Tuna Diet - Sham Or Shazaam?


3 Day Tuna Diet - Sham Or Shazaam?

by Dan Beckwith

Is your slinky black dress starting to look sorta lumpy? Has your stomach been blocking your view of your toes...maybe you have a big dance or a reunion coming. Whatever the reason, you want to dump ten or so pounds and you've discovered the 3 day tuna diet. It looks fast, easy and perfect for your needs!

Hold off! There are a few facts about the 3 day tuna diet that you will want to know before you decide to get started.

The 3 day tuna diet is one of the hottest ones out there. It rapidly soared to the tops of the popularity charts because people believe that there can't be any health drawbacks because you are on the diet for a short amount of time.

That couldn't be further from the truth. This, and virtually EVERY crash diet adversely affects your metabolism. What that means bottom line is that you are setting yourself up to gain back all the weight you lost - fast - plus some. Your 10 pound annoyance will rapidly escalate into a 20 pound disaster.

Basically all crash diets rely on starvation for their success. The 3 day tuna diet is no exception. It does work to lose a few pounds at first, but that's also why it's unhealthy. You will immediately force your body into starvation mode when you're not getting enough calories.

When your body - in an attempt to protect you - has switched over to starvation mode, it's usually fairly easy to tell. You'll feel sluggish and not want to do anything, you might start to dream about food (night dreams AND day dreams), you could have trouble keeping warm and will constantly be cold, specially in your extremities.

If you eat less than 1200 calories per day, that is said to be a "low calorie diet". Anything below 800 calories is in the realm of the "very low calorie diet" a "VLCD". The caloric counts on the 3 day tuna diet place is very near to the "VLCD" level.

For adults, a "VLCD" is dangerous and should NEVER be attempted without direct supervision of a doctor. Children should never go on a "VLCD" no matter how obese.

The name: 3 day tuna diet, is misleading. It makes you think that you are on the diet for only 3 days. That's actually not the case...you are on and off for a full month. It's not a balanced diet and you have no hope of keeping off the weight long term.

Be wary of the refined carbohydrates that make up such a large portion of the diet. They have minor if any nutritional value and will cause a spike in the production of insulin. Spiking and dropping off of insulin levels not only creates food cravings and energy highs and lows - but can lead to major medical difficulties.

As far back as the 1970's researchers have discovered that in the weeks after the diet ends, the average dieter tends to regain everything plus an average of 8 pounds. This is because the food cravings created while on the 3 day tuna diet, force us to gorge and overeat when we're not on the diet.

You can lose weight and keep it off. There are many diets that work very well - and safely. They replace bad food choices and habits with better ones. With these safe diets, you should NEVER experience hunger.

Visit my website right now and you can get a copy of my "Fast Weight Loss Tips!" mini-course while it is still free. For your own health, stay away from crash diets like the 3 day tuna diet. There ARE diets that work...even for you.

About the Author:
If you are ready to stop risking your health with crash diets like the 3 Day Tuna Diet...visit my website and learn about diets that really DO work - safely. There's bunches of fascinating weight loss information. Don't forget to get your FREE enrollment in my "Fast Weight Loss Tips!"mini-course. Weight loss should never be difficult!

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