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2009 Best Diaper Bag Brands

2009 Best Diaper Bag Brands


2009 Best Diaper Bag Brands

by Ed Marksman

Fashion week in Paris has sprung into full bloom and so do diaper bags with their new trends of bright color and feminine floral. After reviewing over 50 new designer diaper bags from 12 manufacturers for the Spring 2009 line up, we have chosen the most innovative and value-driven ones to look into more closely. So Mom's out there, get your stroller ready as we shop along the boutiques with your baby and their favorite things.

Spring 2009 headliner, Amy Michelle, added 9 new designs to her original and fashionable diaper bag collection. Her famous Gladiola Baby Bag is flaunted in Neiman Marcus, New York. You would want to have this bag whether you're a mom or not.

However, the biggest design for this season is Kalencom. Their 280 new designs have totally re-energized their entire inventory of designer diaper bags. They come in 25 colors with more than 500 choices of trims. They have all kinds of sizes and styles like messenger, hobo, tote and shoulder bags with different straps and flaps, zippers and buckle. But the most amazing feature of all is the $90 price tag!

Timi and Leslie also launched an entirely new direction with 18 new designer diaper bags this Spring 2009. Revitalizing their popular black colored diaper bags, they surprised people with their 12 new designs of brightly colored bags with patterns of popular current baby bag trends. Their signature of dynamic designs to appeal to the woman in every Mom has given Moms a different meaning for fun shopping.

Storksak, the classic designer of top baby bags, holds the standard of what is the best for this season. Not only did they launch an entirely new line, they also re-created some of their popular diaper bags like the Emily and Elizabeth in the new Rocco and Bloom designs. Also, the new Storksak Jess diaper bag is a more compact size bag at $155 only to encourage the economy worried parents into appreciating the value of their money.

Spring 2009 has been a remarkable and surprising evolution of diaper bag designs. From brilliant colors to reasonable pricing, the trend in improving fashion and functionality continue. This year, let's see which Celebrity Dad hits the headlines with their designer diaper bag. Brad Pitt is still in the running.

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