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2009 A Shopping Odyssey - The Hunt For Rattan Furniture

2009 A Shopping Odyssey - The Hunt For Rattan Furniture


2009 A Shopping Odyssey - The Hunt For Rattan Furniture

by Kris Russell

When you make a purchase online you need to be sure that the retailer is reliable and will deliver the goods promptly. If you're only buying fairly small items - a music CD or some stationery for example, then you have a fairly wide selection of websites to choose from. But what about buying larger household goods such as rattan furniture? Perhaps you are looking for a leather corner sofa - in which case, who can you trust when you only have a website to view?

If you're in a similar position, how do you identify retailers who can be trusted, and who will deliver the right goods on time? The first port of call for many people is a popular review site. There are many review sites on the internet, allowing consumers to post feedback on retailers to help recommend, or warn against, particularly good or unreliable online traders. Of course, these can offer a mixed bag of verdicts, but it's easy to get an overall impression quite quickly.

A quick search online reveals that for 'leather corner sofa' there are nearly two million results, and almost a million for 'rattan furniture'. My hunt for a good retailer was certainly not short on choice! There were quite a few review sites as well, and hunting through these revealed a significant amount of both good and bad reviews. Given differing experiences, how does one decide whether the reviews are reliable or not?

Since I am based in the UK it made sense to narrow my search to only those retailers who are based in the UK and who will deliver household furniture items like leather corner sofas anywhere within the country. I was also interested in comparing styles, since not all retailers offer much choice. Modern furniture might be great in some cases, but it always helps to be able to see a selection of traditional furniture, modern and contemporary styles. By narrowing my search I reduced the results and began discovering some fascinating sites which seemed to prove rather more useful than the original few million which had been unceremoniously hurled at me by the search engine.

Another aspect which I feel is important when it comes to choosing furniture is that websites should provide a wide range of styles. Granted there are specialists, but for most of us it helps to be able to see at a glance styles including contemporary and modern, as well as those more traditional.

The internet has certainly revolutionised the way in which retail works, by allowing traders to sell products at much lower prices than those found on the high street. Because they have fewer overheads, the entire business can be run more economically, and by offering lower prices than the high street retailers, for most customers this represents a real advantage. By being able to compare prices within seconds, it's also in the interest of the retailers to stay competitive.

From my initial enquiry which resulted in around three million possible sites I became increasingly specific and demanding - that is, it would seem, a necessary trait for those shopping online to develop. My demands were simple: to find an online retailer in the UK who'd be prepared to deliver a leather corner sofa and rattan furniture free of charge, offering a wide range of both traditional and contemporary styles to choose from, and well as having dangerously low prices. Oh, and I immediately struck off any retailer who expected me to phone a premium number just to talk to them.

You may well expect that after my increasingly picky shopping spree I gave up, but in fact I did manage to discover a UK based online retailer who delivered just what I needed. My leather sofa and my rattan furniture arrived safely, and was even delivered free of charge. Cleverclick.co.uk provide a local phone number and were very friendly, as well as offering a wide range of great furniture and goods. If you're as demanding as me, and looking for a good deal - it's certainly the clever way to shop.

About the Author:
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