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2005 GMC Denali The Features That Need Improvement

2005 GMC Denali The Features That Need Improvement


2005 GMC Denali: The Features That Need Improvement

by Rob Johnson

Denali is the nameplate given to some of the luxury models and pick -up trucks of General Motors. The name Denali symbolizes power and prestige. Yukon Denali, Yukon XL Denali, Envoy Denali, Envoy XL Denali, Sierra Denali are the models available under the Denali name.In spite of all their sophistication, there are shortcomings in the 2005 Denali line. Several features have a lot to be improved upon which are elaborated in detail in this article

The luggage and storage space provided is insufficient by all means. It takes a lot of work to get the navigation system to work .There are several problems with the finishing of this car as it peels away too soon.

In electrical aspects, there are very few points provided for connection. The mileage and fuel economy of this line leaves much to be desired. The gas consumption is a lot increasing the expenses. It comes with the standard 17 inches wheel package and it costs a lot to upgrade to 20 inches package.

Many customers also complain about the quality of the leather seats and the wood trim. The sunroof also has to be manually operated by a switch and does not work on automatic controls. Coming to the sound system, it is said to cause some problems occasionally with the volume and controls of the radio and the CD player not operating smoothly.

The comfort level of the leather seats is bad. The Denali line is also known for its size and as such it is not convenient for use in places that do not have large parking lots. The slots allotted for cup holders are also not adequate.

The seats in the third row are particularly uncomfortable with no provision for leg space and the rear end also loosens at times. The high ground clearance facility makes for difficult loading. The price of these vehicles is also a lot making it very difficult to buy them.

There is water leakage from the headliner at times. It is not designed to operate under rough weather conditions with no provisions like snow chains being provided. There are several issues with the speedometer as it shows inaccurate readings many times. In the aspects of suspension and drive system, it has received a below average rating in many customer reports.

Thus the GMC Denali line is internationally famous,it has several shortcomings which need to be taken care of for the customers satisfaction and for the company's reputation.

About the Author:
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