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15 Ways Calories Are Burned Walking

15 Ways Calories Are Burned Walking


15 Ways Calories Are Burned Walking

by Liz Langley

Walking is something most of us do every day and yet a few small adjustments made to our existing routine can increase substantially the calories burned walking. All it takes for a person who weighs 160 pounds to burn 100 calories is to walk for half an hour at around 3 miles per hour.

It's not often that you will physically damage yourself walking, you probably don't have to buy any extra clothing or footwear and it's free ! Oops ! - that means that there is no reason what's so ever why you can't act on our 15 tips for upping your calorie burn:

1. Use the stairs, both going up and down, instead of the elevator or moving walkway.

2. At the mall don't join those other motorists trying to get as close as possible to the stores, instead park more easily further away and walk more.

3. Help the environment and burn a few more calories by using your local bus, railroad or subway service.

4. Once you get more used to using public transport, try getting off one stop early to give yourself a slightly longer walk.

5. Before getting the car out of your garage to go on a short local trip is there any reason why you couldn't walk instead ?

6. If you own a dog you have a huge advantage - not a dog owner ? - then find someone who is and volunteer to walk their dog once or twice a day.

7. To digest your food and shed some calories take a 10 minute stroll after your meals.

8. If you are accompanied by kids or a friend, on your walk, it will help to make it more interesting.

9. Make a conscious effort to walk the most interesting route from your home, this will not only make the whole experience more enjoyable but you will be amazed what you see on foot that you were never aware of sitting in your car.

10. To stop yourself from becoming bored, if you are on your own, you could listen to your mp3 player, while walking.

11. You don't have to join a walking club however 'peer pressure' can be a good thing and they will know where all the interesting local walks are.

12. Kids still going to school ? - could you not walk with them there and back and forget driving.

13. Calories burned walking means losing weight so by increasing the amount you walk each week and putting yourself on a sensible diet you will see and feel the benefits surprisingly quickly.

14. Walking will help cut the risk of serious conditions such as heart attacks and strokes, reduce back pain, improve posture and benefit just about every organ in your body.

15. Walking does not require spending your hard earned on fancy exercise machines, at worst you may have to get some new walking shoes.

Now you know how simple calories burned walking is to achieve and how powerful this is combined with the right diet so why not start today and just walk !

About the Author:
Author Liz has more information concerningcalories burned walking She has, after a great deal of research, reduced to only four, the diets that she considersthe best online weight lossplans currently out there.

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