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11 Self Development and Time Management Training Tips

11 Self Development and Time Management Training Tips


11 Self Development and Time Management Training Tips

by Brian J Williams

1. Start now. Do something about your self-development and time management training today. Tomorrow, you can build on that and more.

2. List what you want to achieve. Keep it short - perhaps few goals. Keep up with your results. Don't feel bad if you alter your plan because life is full of changes. Whether you succeed or not, learn from the journey and become better as a corporate coach.

3. Learn from other people. Notice what other effective people do and learn from them. You can gain from their knowledge, successes and their mistakes. Experience is a tough teacher, but less so if it's someone else's experience.

4. Enjoy change. If people and ideas didn't change as we grow, we'd still be in the Middle Ages.

5. Take responsibility. Remember, you are responsible for your own self development. If you don't hold your self responsible who will?

6. Recognize your own value. Think about how others will benefit from what you do. When you develop yourself, those benefits will increase. Your personal-development and time management training will benefit others as well as for you.

7. Think about your goal. Before you make a goal, make sure you really want the change. If you do not, you won't stay focused, then you'll create lots of excuses and feel guilty. Think of the excuses now. If they seem valid, you can choose now not to do it, and skip the guilt.

8. Challenge your self. Set yourself objectives that are just out of reach and outside your comfort zone. If you reach for the next to impossible you are more lickely going to have to deal with a very hard failure. If you stick to what's easy you're denying yourself the satisfaction of achievement and professional growth.

9. Realize what your weaknesses are and overcome. We are all weak in some ways. We can be well diversified without being great at everything. If you're analytical, don't try to make a career as an artist. There are plenty of other areas for professional-development and improvement..

10. Never quit. There's no such thing as being done with self-development. You can go on learning, changing and renewing for all of your life and reaping the wonderful benefits in the process.

11. Mastermind groups. Join a mastermind group and learn from the experts that have already perfected the skills you wish to development. Brian Tracy said, Learn from the experts because you will never live long enough to learn everything your self.

About the Author:
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