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101 Percent Principle The Help Relationships Need

101 Percent Principle The Help Relationships Need


101 Percent Principle The Help Relationships Need

by Liz Johnson

In life, you seldom find yourself alone. You will always have neighbors to say hi to, friends to chat with and family members to run to for comfort. These relationships occupy a place in your heart and merit a significant chunk of your time.

We accept them as our significant other and work to ensure that the relationship is cultivated in such a way that it is productive and happy. Unfortunately, when we attempt to cultivate our relationships with that special person, sometimes we may run into difficulties. In this relationship self help guide, I will explain the 101 Percent Principle as outlined by leadership expert, John C. Maxwell.

In John C. Maxwells book called Winning with People, he designates an area to what he refers to as the 101 Percent Principle. He states in the book: Find the 1 percent we agree on and give it 100 percent of our effort. When it comes to relationships, there will be times in which you do not agree with your significant other.

Relating Maxwells principle to your life, you can say that disagreements and differences ought not to be the focus of your attention. Rather, the similarities should be. If your relationship with the people around you is smooth sailing, congratulations. However, if it is rocky, work on it using the principle.

The principle is not (yet) common knowledge because as you can notice, the principle challenges the norms of human nature. You and many other people are bound to view things in exactly the following order: differences first, similarities second or negative first, positive second.

A few humps, bumps and rocky turns in your relationship are not things to be really embarrassed about. They are normal, but they need your acknowledgment. Once you acknowledge the problem, you can begin seeking for solutions. One of the best is of course to give that one percent all you got.

The 101 Percent Principle benefits relationships in several ways. It strengthens the foundation of your relationship. It minimizes the assault and sting of conflicts. It brings out the best from the most pathetic situation. It gives you great satisfaction with your role in helping nurture the relationship.

For a more fulfilling and positive relationship with your loved ones, let Maxwells 101 Percent Principle be your guiding light.

About the Author:
Liz Johnson has written a number of articles on relationship advice problems Why? To help you succeed in your personal relationships. Want to learn more about relationship advice problemss and solutions? Visit her blog relationship advice problemss and solutions

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