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10 Coolest Magic Tricks Out There

10 Coolest Magic Tricks Out There


10 Coolest Magic Tricks Out There

by Nellie Waters

Everything that relates to magic be it a magic trick or magic wand has always fascinated endless number of audiences always. The true identification of a skilled magician is the efficacy with which he/she performs a trick. There are many magic tricks that can be performed with cards, coins, and illusions and with dangerous weapons too. Enlisted below are some of the best magic tricks of all time:

10. Saw-down a woman: a potentially dangerous and equally thrilling magical track of all times. The volunteer enters this box and the box is then divided into many pieces. Astonishingly even the volunteer is but when all the pieces of the box are joined back, the volunteer comes back to his/her original state.

9. Man run over by a truck: this is yet another trick that has been appreciated by most of the audiences worldwide. A truck passes over the volunteer (in most of the cases man) and after the truck has passed the man stands up again with the same strength and walk off.

8. Man on the tracks of roller coaster: this magic trick is the most innovative trick of all times and was unwrapped by the famed magician Lance Burton. In this trick the creative magician tied himself to the tracks of the roller coaster and escaped death.

7. Flying show of David Copperfield David Copperfield was one of the famous magicians who have ever lived. His works rather than being magical were pure illusions and his flying illusion is one of the best magic tricks which a person has ever seen.

6. Ice freezes the man: this is chilling trick that was introduced by the magician David Blaine before many years. In this trick, David Blaine lies down on a columns of ice that weigh nearly 6 tons beneath and upon him and comes out of the trick in a very hale and hearty state...surely he never looks at the weather reports.

5. Copperfield's Death Saw If you were to watch this amazing magic trick you would very well accept that this man was the greatest illusionists of all time. The illusion performed showed him being cut it in two and I still keep guessing the secret behind it.

4. Rope trick You would've heard of the Indian rope trick. The Best part of this trick is that it was performed 60 years before without the use of any technology.

3.under the sea magic box: this famed trick of the famed magician Harry Houdini showcases more skills than magic, but the quotient of skills used to carry out this trick were smashing enough to be considered as magic.

2. Bullet catch The magician catches a bullet which is fired at him. Though this trick was later found to be simple, it has claimed a number of lives so far.

1. Man alive after burial: as the name suggests, the magician who discovered this trick, Criss Angel was buried and still managed to survive for a long time.

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