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A website dedicated to the staff of Health and Home Shopping Salford

Welcome To The Ex HHS Trading/Health & Home Shopping Staff Website


HHS Trading (UK) Ltd based in Salford, Manchester

This is a simple site that was setup due to HHS Trading (Health & Home Shopping) Salford going into administration and resulting in the workforce being made redundant between October 2007 to May 2008. I am also using this site to learn SEO. So far, this site is listed in Google's Top 10 for several of my search terms.

HHS (Health & Home Shopping) Information.
Established in 1984, HHS Trading (UK) Ltd (Health & Home Shopping) conducted its business from its proud 70,000 sq ft premises (approximately 7,000 sq m) in Salford in the UK. Health & Home Shopping enjoyed the patronage of over 3 million customers for its range of catalogue products.

The principle activities of HHS were:

Health & Home Shopping
Health & Home Shopping covered Mail Order catalogue, Internet, Off-The-Page Advertisements and TV Advertisements.

HHS Trading
HHS Trading handled wholesale trading with mail order companies in the UK and Europe. HHS Trading clients included GUS, Grattan, Littlewoods, Empire Stores, JD Williams and more.

HHS Properties Ltd
HHS Properties Ltd were a Management company that maintained a #3 million office and warehouse complex in Salford.

Third Party Fulfillment Operation Product
This arm of HHS acted as a data processing and fulfillment company for a variety of European, UK and USA clients.

Business situation:
The company's operations were dependent on a homegrown bespoke system developed over the years to fulfill user needs and changing business environment. The system was large and complex, and met business requirements. The rapidly growing business of HHS faced a major problem of poor user interface with their existing system based on Unix. Along with this HHS was unable to:

  • Identify & prioritize incoming customer requests.
  • Create personalized mails.
  • Fulfill orders in time.
  • Present real time information about customer to call agents.
  • Judge effectiveness of catalogue for a particular season.
  • Do cross/up selling of products.
  • Handle stock effectively & efficiently.

MOM Solution:
HHS implemented the MOM (Mail Order Management) from Tulsient, which helped the company in improving their bottom lines in following manner:

  • Faster Customer Response.
  • Ease of use for end user, which in turn increased effectiveness of employees.
  • Powerful business strategy definition and its implementation across all business units.
  • Seamless integration/migration from existing system within short period of time.
  • Support to multiple customer touch points such as email, phone etc.
  • Effective campaign management.
  • Better customer management like keeping records of previous customer interactions etc.
  • Reduced inventory overheads by better management of inventory.
  • Increase in sales by up selling & cross selling of products.
  • Improving delivery time substantially thus improving customer delight.
  • Reduced overall cost in the company.
  • Automated sales order creation, execution & follow up.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • All activities conducted within organization are backed up by detailed reports.

Business Benefits:

  • Improved inbound and outbound call handling MOM marketing helped HHS improve the effectiveness of both outbound telemarketing campaigns as well as inbound call handling. It enabled the transformation of customer interaction centers into profitable revenue sources that execute coordinated multi-channel marketing programs.
  • Higher sales and customer satisfaction
    The integrated architecture of MOM solution allowed HHS call agents to know all information pertaining to customers, products, campaigns etc. Agents were able to execute real time marketing campaigns and deliver targeted offers that reflected knowledge of all marketing campaigns across all channels, quickly resulting in higher sales and greater customer satisfaction.

  • Log of customer interactions
    MOM CRM solution helped HHS maintain a log of all customer interaction at a central location. This lead to reduced customer response time as call agents were able to view previous interactions with the customers, irrespective of whether he/she has attended previous calls.

  • Complete campaign planning & management
    MOM Marketing streamlined planning and budgeting by providing integrated workflow and collaboration capabilities for campaign approval and execution. It allowed tracking of multiple campaigns running in the organization.

  • Robust analysis and reporting
    Comprehensive data warehousing capability of MOM Marketing allows marketers analyze and understand the requirements of their customers. Thus, they offered more specific products and services to their customers, which in turn increased customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Control over purchasing process
    MOM Trading module drastically improved the purchasing process in HHS. With MOM trading HHS generated purchase quotations, sample requests, and purchase orders through the system.

  • Hassle-free vendor development
    MOM Trading helped HHS in managing all details pertaining to its vendors and suppliers systematically. It allowed vendor specific quality control, which helped HHS a lot in authorizing the vendor for the supply of a particular product.

  • Automatic stock allocation
    MOM Fulfillment gave HHS an ability to optimize their space for stocking of the items in their warehouse. It used highly complex algorithms of mirroring principles for stock allocation. This ensured that items were placed systematically based on their category, which made them easy to trace.

  • Effective warehouse management
    MOM Fulfillment made it very easy for HHS managers to effectively allocate stock, plan delivery schedules etc. for each warehouse located at different locations.

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